Indulge your passion for reading at our community Book Swap located outside Sushi Mart.

If you see a book you like, please feel free to swap it with a book from your own collection for someone else to enjoy.

The Cannon Hill Book Swap relies on our community support and honesty.

Happy reading!

HAVE BOOKS TO DONATE? If you have any nearly-new or pre-loved books in good condition, please drop then off to our Centre Management Office, located adjacent The Cheesecake Shop.

Rules of Book Swap

  1. The space is provided for your reading enjoyment
  2. Please keep noise to a minimum
  3. Turn your mobile phone on silent so as not to disturb other users
  4. Use electronics with earphones
  5. Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult
  6. No food or drink permitted in the book swap area
  7. Cannon Hill Kmart Plaza reserve the right to refuse entry to any person
  8. For any enquiries, please contact Centre Management on P:3399 3600